Primavera Atalanta 1-2 Bologna

Primavera Atalanta 1-2 Bologna

Del Lungo scoring in the final minutes

On matchday 32 of the Primavera 1 TIM 2022-2023 "Trofeo Giacinto Facchetti" league, Atalanta Primavera suffered a 1-2 home defeat in the match played at the Centro Bortolotti in Zingonia against Bologna.

The first chance of the game dons the black-and-blue colours: after De Nipoti adjusted the ball with his chest,  Vlahović loosened a shot, deflected for a corner by an opposing defender. Despite the Primavera being quick off the mark, our visitors were the ones taking the lead on 8 minutes courtesy of Urbanski who capitalized on a loose ball in the scrums to get past Bertini. In the 27th minute, came the second with Raimondo, who tapped in from Bertini's save after a point-blank deflection by Anatriello. Although the Nerazzurri were inches away from plugging the gap on 36 minutes, the quick-fire one-two chances (namely, Guerini's header followed by Vavassori's tap-in) both got rebound on the line.

The 2nd half opened up with another key chance from the Black-and-blues: this time it fell upon Corazza's shoulder to thwart Vlahović's chance, once again saved on the line. The Primavera upped the ante with an even stronger forcing: first, Guerini's header got deflected out. Then, on 69 minutes, Vavassori was in with another chance but his attempt to cleave De Nipoti's cross in the back of the net was rebounded above the bar after a key save from Bagnolini. On 73 minutes, Vavassori crossed in for Manzoni but, once again, another point-blank chance went wide. In the 84th minute, Bernasconi tried his luck once more but his chance got eventually deflected by Bagnolini. Lastly, in the 91st minute, whereas De Nipoti found Manzoni in the heart of the box, the shot flew out after a close brush with the post. Atalanta eventually made it 1-2 only on 93 minutes from a set kick as Del Lungo's chance was deflected into the goal.


Scorers: Urbanski 8 (B), Raimondo 27 (B), Del Lungo 93 (A).

Atalanta: Bertini, Bernasconi, Roaldsøy (Del Lungo 76), Muhameti (Manzoni 61), Vlahović (Falleni 79), De Nipoti, Palestra (Chiwisa 76), Guerini, Colombo, Vavassori, Regonesi. Unused bench: Maglieri, Pardel, Meloni, Ghezzi, Stabile, Perez, Tavanti, Bevilacqua, Tornaghi, Fiogbe. Coach: Giovanni Bosi.

Bologna: Bagnolini, Wallius, Pyyhtia (Rosetti 79), Anatriello (Mazia 62), Raimondo (Ebone 79), Corazza, Bynoe, Diop (Amey 87), Stivanello, Motolese, Urbanski. Unused bench: Gasperini, Franzini, Maltoni, Baroncioni, Corsi, Busato, Bartha, Menegazzo. Coach: Luca Vigiani.

Referee(s): Daniele Virgilio from Trapani (assistant referees: Matteo Nigri from Trieste and Paolo Tomasi from Schio).

Notes: Bynoe (B), Roaldsøy (A), Raimondo (B), Diop (B), and Corazza (B) booked.

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