International affiliation programme


The Atalanta world has no boundaries. The goal of the international affiliation program is to build an active and long-lasting collaboration with sports clubs from all over the world who would like to take a step towards the professionalization of their offer, becoming points of reference in order to share and export a common philosophy for developing youth academies.

In fact, this project allows all football clubs from outside Italy to join the world of Atalanta and start a new sports collaboration with the Atalanta Youth Academy that will help them to adopt the philosophy, methods and expertise of one of the best youth academies at the International level.

The International Affiliated Clubs benefit from a direct and constant relationship with the managers and coaches of the Atalanta Youth Academy through courses and lessons, which are held both online and in person, regular visits and meetings, and discussions of methods, programs and strategies.

The clubs that join the project, in fact, learn the competencies of Atalanta BC in order to grow in three crucial directions:
• Club Management
• Coaches, trainers and observers’ education
• Technical skills (players’ growth and improvement)
For further information and details on the affiliation procedure please write to and
For further information, you can download the project presentation

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